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You Can Tell Me Anything

Jun 19, 2019

Francis Cronin confesses that after finishing his time in the Irish Army, he owned a bar in Mexico. He tells a few adventurous stories from his time living there, including a run-in with a drug cartel lord. We talk about what drives him to seek adventure.

Francis Cronin is an Irish born standup comedian, activist, and...

Jun 12, 2019

Steph Tolev admits she tends to get road rage while driving, but that's just because she's a better driver than everyone she knows. She talks about how she lets out her frustrations on the road and they also discuss body image in Hollywood.

Steph Toleve is a comedian in Los Angeles, with a  Comedy Central Digital series...

May 29, 2019

Anthony Atamanuik confesses that as a teenager, he had a toxic view towards the women in his life and says he was an incel. We talk about the effects of toxic masculinity on men, and how dangerous cancel culture can be for progress. We also answer some Would I Be The Asshole questions on Reddit.

Anthony Atamanuik is the...

May 22, 2019

Daniel O'Brien confesses to faking his dad's death in kindergarten just to get out of trouble. He talks about how he dealt with conflict as a child and how it's affected his relationships as an adult. They also play a game guessing Bachelor Quotes or CEO Tips.

Daniel O'Brien is a comedian and currently writes for Last...

May 16, 2019

Marlena Rodriguez confesses that she nearly developed an eating disorder after starting new medication that caused her to lose weight rapidly.  She talks about her childhood growing up in a gym, starting a new job writing for Silicon Valley, and they play a game all about self help books.

Marlena Rodriguez is a comedian...